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Line6 Helix Fusion FX

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Line6 Helix Fusion FX

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Fusion FX
Inspired by the great Allan Holdsworth

4 FX presets with a total of 11 snapshots.

  • Chorus FX : a combination of several Delay blocks with chorus.
  • Delay FX : a combination of several Delay blocks with no chorus. Ideal for distorted lead tones.
  • Swell FX : a combination of several Delay blocks to get a long trail after you play a note or a chord. It HAS to be played with the VOLUME PEDAL block, in order to cut the attack of the notes. You can also do it with the volume knob of your guitar if you prefer this method.
  • Lead : a full preset with amp and cab blocks, plus Delay, to get that smooth buttery fusion lead tone that we all love !


These presets were designed to be used ONLY as FX. That means that there are NO amp and cab simulations (except for the Lead preset). However, there is plenty of room for you to load any amp block of your choice into these presets. In fact, I encourage you to tweak them as you’ll set fit.

Depending on your guitar and pickups, you may want to change the gain settings within the Lead preset.

Compatible with: Helix Floor, LT, Native, Rack.
NOT compatible with Helix Stomp or Stomp XL.

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4 Helix presets

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